BedHead Ned Rigs


An emerging technique with a Hollywood spin, and the Smallies already LOVE it!  Our wasp tail is loaded with float additive and has an amazing vertical standing action fish can’t resist!



All BedHead Ned Rigs are powder painted and baked for a quality, durable finish.  Each Rig comes with a matching Hollywood Micro Bubs *Floating* Wasp Tail.

  1. Pick your weight  (We now offer a hook upgrade option!)
  2. Ned Head Color
  3. Wasp Tail Color
  4. Choose from a variety of deer fur colors for your BedHead!


More Variations COMING SOON!  

Additional information


1/8, 1/4, 1/8Gamakatsu, 1/4Gamakatsu

Head Color

Green Pumpkin, Black


Green Pumpkin Fro, Blue Mohawk, All Black Spike, Orange Bowl Cut, Purple Pigtails, White Wig, CUSTOM

Wasp Tail Color

Blazin' Blue, Green Pumpkin, Purple Hustle, All In Black


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